Reed Diffusers

Experience the Elegance of Our High-End Diffuser Set

Immerse yourself in the world of exquisite aromas with our high-end diffuser set. Presented in a sophisticated box, this set is more than just a diffuser - it’s a sensory journey that will transform your space.

Our classic reed diffuser is crafted with essential oils in a special eco-mineral oil base, designed to enchant and delight. The aroma delicately rises along the sticks, filling your room with a truly aromatic fragrance that lasts. With a generous 200ml bottle, you can enjoy up to 12 weeks of this aromatic adventure.

Unboxing is just the beginning. Remove all packaging, open the lid, and place the Indonesian rattan sticks into the neck of the bottle. For a quicker release of fragrance, turn the reeds over once they’ve soaked up the oil, exposing the oil-soaked end.

Indulge in the difference… embark on an aromatic adventure today with our high-end diffuser set. It’s not just a product, it’s an experience.

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200ml Geranium & Rose Essential Oil Reed Diffuser

This smooth combination of sweet herbal Geranium essential oil and deep floral scent of Rose essential oil will leave any room beautifully scented with its calming aroma.

200ml Lavender & Fennel Essential Oil Reed Diffuser

Beautiful combination of fresh floral Lavender essential oil and sweet Fennel essential oil will delicately infuse your room with its subtle scent.

200ml Lemon & Nutmeg Essential Oil Reed Diffuser

Refreshing, cheerful, uplifting Infused with light refreshing scent of Lemon essential oil and warm spicy Nutmeg essential oil this reed diffuser aroma will awake your senses and purify the household.

200ml Lemon Verbena Essential Oil Reed Diffuser

Lemon Verbena essential oil reed diffuser with its fresh,sweet- citrusy scent will brighten and energise any room with its delightful fragrance.

200ml Sage & Rosemary Essential Oil Reed Diffuser

This beautiful herbal combination of fresh Sage essential oil and crisp citrus notes of Rosemary essential oil will reinvigorate and delight any room in your household.